Click here for Dr. Dan Miller’s reports on the Oso/Hazel landslide

Since 1997, Earth Systems Institute (ESI) has worked to elucidate the landscape interactions that create and modify river environments. Since 2007, ESI’s efforts have focused on developing NetMap, a software platform that enables others to explore these interactions themselves. NetMap has been developed through government, NGO, and private partnerships, and ESI’s goal is to provide the data and software as broadly as possible.

In 2014, an independent company, TerrainWorks (www.terrainworks.com), was established to help fulfill that goal. ESI has been successful at funding development of NetMap, but support and maintenance of the data and software entail continuing costs for which funding sources have not been found. Through TerrainWorks, data and software will be provided at what we hope to maintain as a modest initial cost. After the first year, an annual subscription is required to receive support and updates. TerrainWorks is administering this move to a subscription-based funding model to keep the data and tools created for the NetMap platform broadly available. ESI will continue to focus on its core mission of expanding use of science and technology in guiding sustainable land use.

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